Top Five Places to Visit in Derry

Derry, the beloved hometown of our Derry Girls, is a gem of a city nestled in Northern Ireland. Picture-perfect and brimming with charm, this place has something for everyone. From the famous Walls of Derry to its rich history and culture, this vibrant destination offers a blend of historical landmarks, modern amenities, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Explore its neighborhoods, delve into captivating museums, and immerse yourself in its unique ambiance. With breathtaking landscapes and a wealth of experiences, Derry is the perfect place for history enthusiasts, culture lovers, and anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to fall in love with this charming city that leaves a lasting impression.

We have compiled a list for you to help you explore the city of Derry. Here are the Top Five Places to Visit in Derry.

  1. The Walls of Derry
  2. Guildhall
  3. Free Derry Corner
  4. Tower Museum
  5. Peace Bridge

The Walls of Derry

The Walls of Derry are one of the most iconic places to see in Derry. Constructed between 1613 and 1619 during the Plantation of Ulster, the walls were constructed to protect the city of Derry from any attacks. Standing at a height of 20 feet, this UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the best-preserved examples of city walls in Europe.

The Walls of Derry have played an extremely important role in the history of Derry, mainly during the Siege of Derry in 1689. During the Williamite War in Ireland, a Catholic Jacobite army loyal to King James II besieged the mostly Protestant city controlled by Williamite forces supporting William of Orange. The siege lasted 105 days, during which time the defenders of Derry faced famine and sickness. They were finally freed when ships burst through the blockade on the River Foyle and successfully withstood the Jacobite forces.

The Siege of Derry has become a pivotal event in Irish history, with the annual commemoration of “The Relief of Derry” on December 18th, known locally as “Londonderry’s Day.” Today, Derry’s historic walls remain a popular tourist attraction, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to walk along the ramparts and explore the city’s rich history.

Image :, June, 2023


The Guildhall is a stunning neo-Gothic structure in the center of Derry. For nearly a century, this landmark building has served as a symbol of the city. Inside, see the spectacular stained-glass windows and explore the exhibition on Derry’s history and civic identity. Located just near the famous Derry Walls, Guildhall features magnificent stained-glass windows portraying everything from fishmongers to musicians.

Built in 1887, Guildhall is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city and serves as a backdrop for some of the key city events including, the City of Derry Jazz Festival, Derry Halloween celebrations and Spring Carnival celebrations.

Image :, June, 2023

Free Derry Corner

A visit to the city of Derry Girls would be incomplete without visiting Free Derry Corner. The historically noteworthy monument was established in 1969 as a symbol of the city’s civil rights campaign during the troubles.  The areas of Bodside, Creggan and Brandywell were given the name ‘Free Derry’ as these areas were barricaded by the security forces between 1969 and 1972. ‘Free Derry Corner’ now serves as a reminder of Derry’s past and the fight for equality and justice.

The Free Derry Corner is now one of the most photographed walls in Ireland.

Image :, June, 2023

Tower Museum

The Tower Museum, set within the city walls, offers a fascinating journey through the history of Derry. The museum features a variety of exhibits, including The Story of Derry, which traces the history of the city from its earliest settlements to the present day.

There is also a section dedicated to the shipwreck of the Spanish Armada off Donegal. “An Armada Shipwreck – La Trinidad Valencera” features the story of one of the largest ships in the Spanish Armada, La Trinidad Valencera. In 1588, the ship sank off the Donegal Coast and was discovered again in 1971 by City of Derry Sub-Aqua Club divers.

Image :, June, 2023

Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is a modern architectural marvel across the Foyle River in Derry connecting Ebrington Square to the city center.

This iconic bridge has become a symbol of reconciliation and peace in Northern Ireland. A Walled City Icon, the peace bridge is an important stop for any Derry visitor. Cross the bridge on foot or by bike, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and discover the significance of this structure in the city’s history.

Image :, June, 2023

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