Want to see the top sights in Ireland but not keen to share the experience with a busload of strangers? Wild Rover’s customisable adventures across Ireland are the perfect opportunity to see Ireland your way! A great chance for groups of all sizes and interests to explore our beautiful country in the comfort of a luxury Mercedes Saloon E220 or Mercedes Sprinter, depending on group size. Whether you want a single day tour or a multi-day adventure, simply choose where you want to go and let us handle the rest! Our friendly driver/guides are flexible to your schedule, just tell us the time you would like to leave and your driver will be waiting for you at your pickup location. If you’re a cruise ship passenger, Wild Rover can arrange to meet you at the port – simply pre-book your private trip in Ireland. If English is not your first language, we can provide a translator so you don’t miss out on all the interesting attractions you pass! Whatever your specific needs, Wild Rover has you covered.
Because Ireland is brimming with stunning natural beauty and historical gems, Wild Rover Tours has recently launched 4 private escorted tours from Dublin to help you make up your mind! Our sample itineraries go to some of Ireland’s top tourist spots, such as the Cliffs of Moher, Kilkenny, Glendalough, and Northern Ireland, and are designed to inspire the adventurer in you! Remember that your personal guide can tailor the experience and destinations based on your interests. Follow the tour, adapt it to your specific needs, or completely craft your own adventure – the decision is yours. Away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Ireland is bursting with history, culture, and stories just waiting to be told! Your knowledgeable guide will not only take you to the locations, but will also entertain and inform with the folklore that play such a pivotal role in forming our beautiful country’s identity. Join Wild Rover on a private day tour today and discover why our emerald isle is renowned as the land of a thousand welcomes! Incredible landscapes, entertaining tales, traditional villages, and friendly people await.


*These are just suggestions to get started. Tell us about your ideal Irish itinerary and we will make it happen!

Private Tour from Dublin of Kilkenny – Glendalough – Wicklow Mountains
If you are keen to explore outside of Dublin but don’t want to travel too far, then a trip to Ireland’s Ancient East is the perfect plan. This private tour from Dublin can include stops in Kilkenny, Ireland’s medieval city, the stunning Wicklow Mountains and the famous Glendalough National Park. Choose to have a pint at some of the oldest taverns in the country, explore the Kilkenny Brewery, or look around the beautiful Kilkenny Castle that dates back to 119. You’ll notice that almost every second building here is a pub, so make sure your guide gives you some time to test the local produce!
The tour can take you to stunning Glendalough, if you wish, famous for its Christian Monastery and beautiful lakes and walkways. In the winter, much of the Wicklow mountains are covered in a fresh blanket of snow which, while cold, can make for beautiful photographs.

Private Tour from Dublin to Cliffs of Moher, Wild Atlantic Way, Atlantic Edge Ocean Walk & Galway City
The benefit of taking a private tour to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway city is that you can tailor the tour to your needs. Choose what time you wish to leave and what time you want to return, where to go first and where to finish up. This means you can decide to catch the sunset at the cliffs or be in Galway in time for an evening session in the famous Tig Choli!
Choose to spend lunch in one of the cute seaside towns along the Wild Atlantic Way, explore the Cliff Coastal walk at your own leisure and pace, spend some time exploring the stunning fauna in the Burren, or ask your guide to take you to Lahinch to watch some world class surfers display their talent on the breaks.

Private Guided Tour from Dublin to Waterford and Kilkenny
While Dublin, Galway and even Kilkenny are quite well known by visitors to Ireland, Waterford tends to be a hidden gem. This historic city, located in the centre of Ireland’s Ancient East, is over 1,000 years old and is home to both a medieval museum and the oldest completed building in Ireland, Reginald’s Tower. Be sure to pay a visit to the Bishop’s Tower, the famous Clock Tower which dates back to 1860, Waterford Crystal, Hook Head Lighthouse, and Wexford!
This tour also takes in the best of Kilkenny, from the stunning castle grounds to the Kilkenny Brewery and some of Ireland’s oldest drinking establishments! As with all other tours, this private tour can be tailored to your needs and interests – just let your guide know what suits you best!

Private Tour from Dublin to Northern Ireland – Giant’s Causeway / Titanic Experience / Black Taxi Tour
While Ireland is full of hidden treasures to discover and explore, a trip up North is also well worth your time. Whether you are a history buff keen to learn more about ‘The Troubles’, a nature photographer looking to photograph one of the world’s most dramatic coastlines or a culture vulture interested in discovering all Belfast has to offer – a private tour of Northern Ireland offers it all. As with all tours, the itinerary can be built around your interests ensuring you only visit attractions that interest you the most. A visit to the Belfast Titanic Experience is a definite must as this enormous museum and exhibit will re-introduce you to the world’s most famous ship and you can even see memorabilia donated by survivors.
If you’re not familiar with Belfast Black Taxi Tours, these unique tours of the city are given by local characters (who also happen to be taxi drivers) who will give you a lowdown on ‘The Troubles’ (the conflict) in Northern Ireland and drive you around to some of the worst affected areas, show you historical murals and peace walls and give you their own personal experiences and opinions of what happened and what is going on today. It’s by far one of the most interesting and unforgettable ways to see Belfast city. This tour can either be done in a Black Taxi or on foot – the choice is yours!
Finally, no trip to Northern Ireland would be complete without visiting the legendary Giant’s Causeway. Veiled in myths and legends, it’s also of huge geographical importance and is one of the most beautiful heritage sites in Ireland, if not Europe.