Brand New Depot for Wild Rover Tours Fleet!

Wild Rover Tours Coach

Wild Rover Tours is delighted to announce the acquisition of a brand new depot for its fleet of tour buses. The acquisition comes as a serious commitment from Wild Rover Tours to enhancing the sustainability of its operations with the new depot improving the company’s sustainable practices in a number of ways.

Brand new coach washing machines will ensure coaches are kept spick and span for all Wild Rover customers, ensuring a comfy and clean journey no matter what part of Ireland they are touring. The best part is that the new machines will dramatically reduce water waste and use eco-friendly cleaning liquid. An improvement to the service and to the company’s sustainability approach.

The new facility will have increased capacity to house the fleet when not in use. This facility will ensure that each coach is stored in scrupulously clean conditions. Not only that but the new depot will keep vehicles warm when not in use, reducing the need for artificial heating to do the same job. A cleaner and warmer experience for all passengers that will cut heating costs significantly, something that will be particularly valuable during the winter months.

The investment in roofing is another exciting aspect of the new depot. It will ensure that the building takes advantage of as much natural light as possible, another cost and energy reducing measure that reinforces Wild Rover Tours’ commitment to sustainability. Where artificial light is necessary, the old system of high-wattage bulbs has been completely overhauled with brand new, state of the art, low-energy lighting systems.

And last, but not least, the central location of the depot will vastly decrease the commute times of the fleet from its operational locations, reducing fuel usage and saving thousands of litres of diesel each and every year. In the current economic climate, this is a significant development in Wild Rover Tours becoming a more sustainable company.

To find out more about how Wild Rover Tours are promoting sustainability in their operations, visit our environment page.