Best Ghost Tours in Dublin for Halloween

Did you know that the Irish invented Halloween? That’s probably why Irish people truly know how to celebrate it the right way! If you’re heading to Ireland during Halloween this year, make sure to add some of these Dublin ghost tours to your itinerary. From traditional ghost tours to spooky and haunted places around Dublin, to festivals and epic parties, you’re going to remember your time in Ireland this Halloween!

The Dublin Ghostbus Tour

Hop on a bus that will drive you to some of the most haunting sights across Dublin. This tour lasts two hours and includes spooky stories about felons and phantoms. Let’s see if you’ll manage to handle their terrifying stories.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Discover the real origins of Dracula and Bram Stoker
  • College of Physicians where you can learn more about Dr Clossy
  • Head to the side where Walking Gallows left their victims


Dublin Gravedigger Tour

This bus tour takes 2 hours and will bring you back in time to 600 years ago. They will bring you to the spookiest sites of Dublin including Trinity College, Kilmainham Jail and Bully’s Acre. You’re also going to try ghoulish brew at the Gravedigger Pub.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Visit Trinity College
  • St. Audeons Catholic Church (also known as “the hell”)
  • Kilmainham Jail and Bully’s Acre
  • Free ghoulish drink!

Dublin’s Haunted History Walking Tour

Dublin’s past isn’t all green and orange and this is what you’ll learn on this tour. This original walking tour takes two hours bringing you to some of the most macabre sites in Dublin. Hear the dark legends while walking around cobblestones streets.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Learn about Dublin’s ghost and ghouls stories
  • Listen to the dark secrets of Dublin
  • Visit the most paranormal places in the city

Haunted Hellfire Club Excursion

If you’re keen on taking a trip to the Montpelier Mountains, you must visit the very infamous Hellfire Club. Does Satanism, occult and ghost stories sound interesting? While you’re heading towards this place you’re going to stop at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rathfarnham Castle and Kilakee House.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Visit the Hellfire Club which is one of the scariest places around Dublin
  • Experience supernatural sensations during your visit
  • Enjoy a night out at Brazen Head, Ireland’s oldest pub

Morbid Manor at Tayto Park

The old manor is an abandoned place that has been scaring people for quite a while already. You can tell a lot happened there as blood stains cover the walks. The story says that many people disappeared there.

Your ticket includes:

  • 7 thrill attractions
  • Entry to Morbid Manor
  • Entry for the Carnival
  • A 5D horror movie


Castle Dracula Experience

If you’re ready to learn more about Dracula and Bram Stoker (who wrote Dracula), you’ll enjoy your journey around the castle tunnels, bridges and the vampire courtyard. You’re also going to see a show during the tour.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Visit of Castle Dracula
  • Show at the graveyard theatre

Festivals & Horror Expo

Bram Stoker Festival

If you’re around Ireland during October you should also consider going to Bram Stoker Festival from October 27th to October 30th filed with live stories and deadly adventures.


Samhain Festival

On October 28th put a mask on and wear your favourite Halloween costume and dance around bonfires. It’s the first time they are holding this event in Dublin so you won’t want to miss this unique experience.

Horror Expo Ireland 2017

On October 29th visit the Halloween Horror Expo for questions and answers with some of the best horror experts out there including some renowned authors and podcasters.


Most Haunted Places To Visit in Dublin

The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Ireland and dates back to 1198. It’s excellent to enjoy some live music and is also well known for its food. This is where you’re going to enjoy a true Irish experience. This is also where Robert Emmet was hanged back in 1803.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Kilmainham Gaol Museum used to be a prison back in 1796 and it closed in 1924. Thousands of prisoners were held in this prison. Men, women and children were held for different crimes as small as s stealing food or bigger ones like murder.


Kilmainham Gaol circa 2010

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The Vaults at Saint Michan’s

Just at the back of Saint Michan’s Church, you can find the vaults where bones and human remains were found. These remains date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th century.

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