11 Ireland travel blogs to follow

If you have always been interested in Irish culture and travelling to the country of Ireland then there are some fantastic travel blogs about Ireland that you should check out before you go!

The great thing about blogs is that they can be about very specific interests and are often written by people who are passionate about what they write. This adds a lot to the content as you know it’s written with love and with a lot of care.

You can find out about secret places that the locals love to visit or historical features that the big tour buses don’t go. You can even find out exactly what Irish people are eating and drinking!

Most Irish travel bloggers like to write about their trips around the world but on their websites, you will also find a huge amount of articles about travelling and staying in Ireland.

Here’s our list of Top Ireland travel blogs to follow in 2018:

Where is Tara

Tara Povey is an Irish pharmacist turned blogger who now travels the world to write for her blog.

Her blog has articles from all over the world but the section on Ireland is huge and full of useful information.

She has information on things to do in Dublin, musical landmarks in Ireland, rail-tours around Ireland and much, much more.

If you’re thinking of visiting Ireland then this blog is an absolute must!


Your Irish Adventure

Your Irish Adventure is a travel blog set up that focuses entirely on the island of Ireland.

The website is run by three locals who want to share their intimate knowledge of the country to the wider world.

There are articles regarding safety tips in Ireland, packing lists as well as a break down of festivals and events happening in the country each month. Their Instagram page alone is enough to inspire a boatload of wanderlust!


The Whole World is a Playground

David and Elaine McArdle travel the world and love to show off the beautiful hotels and locations that they visit.

Their Irish section has a number of articles that are very useful for anyone interested in Luxury Boutique hotels and afternoon tea!


Steven Sheehy

Steven Sheehy is a blogger who is also an amazing photographer and videographer.

Ireland recently had a record snowfall and he made a really interesting video showcasing what Dublin looks like ‘the day it closed.’

His blog also has some extremely useful articles regarding road trips around Ireland which are certainly not to be missed. His drone footage of Ireland is out of this world as well.



Area Photography is very minimalistic in style… There isn’t even a website! It is a Facebook page belonging to a Leitrim man who posts some beautiful videos of him walking around some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland.

Each video has a short explanation in the text box and then just plays music while a drone follows a man walking around some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. He has a fantastic video showcasing the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher.

If you prefer videos instead of reading articles, then this is the page for you!


A French Foodie in Dublin

Ketty Quigley was born in France but moved to Dublin in 2004.

If you are a food fan and want to find out what is currently popular in Dublin then French Foodie is the perfect blog to check out.

It is updated very frequently and always features unique and interesting locations around Dublin. This is the perfect blog to check out if you want to eat like Irish people do!


Daily Adventures Web

Cristina Florescu of the Daily Adventures Web has a very interesting blog about living in Ireland, taking day-trips around the country and all things feminist related.

She also has a number of great ‘list’ articles and is a big fan of vintage clothing. Check out her blog, it’s fascinating!



Nial Toner is a food and travel blogger whose award-winning blog deals with food, travel, and lifestyle in Ireland and the rest of the world.

They recently welcomed a child into the world so now also blog about travelling as a family and the blog is absolutely full of useful recipes, review and travel tips.


The Mouthy Mum

Amanda Cassidy is the woman behind the website The Mouthy Mum which is a very personal blog which deals with parenting, travel, and lifestyle.

Her blog is brash and sometimes stark but offers a realistic insight into Irish family life and parenting issues. Not to be missed!


On The QT 

Introducing Stephanie Lynch, a Cork-based blogger who has a fantastic travel blog. Her speciality is based around Cork and the south coast of Ireland.

She also travels the world and posts about her travels but her website has a massive amount of information regarding travel in Ireland. It is essential reading!


Where’s Claire?

About Me

Claire has been obsessed with travel since an early age and has decided to take a different route when it comes to blogging. She wants to prove that everyone can write a blog and you don’t have to drop everything, quit your life and go.

Her blog has articles all things Ireland related as well as a number of other articles as she travelled around the world.

These blogs are absolutely filled with information and tips about travelling in Ireland. And who knows, maybe the next time you pay a visit to the Emerald Isle you’ll start your own one!


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