Wild Rover Tours is committed to carrying out all its work activities in a manner that minimises the potential adverse impact of those tour activities on our environment. Our drivers and guides acknowledge that our touring activities may have an effect on the environment both locally and globally. This Environmental Policy Statement is our written commitment to the protection of the environment as it may be affected by our work activities.

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation pertaining to our work activities and abide by our legal duties when it pertains to the environment. This we commit to as a minimum.

Our fleet of vehicles are all the highest specification of Scania and Mercedes touring coaches. Our commitment is to always reinvest capital into a new fleet policy.

Vehicle Storage
Wild Rover Tours is the only national day tour company in Dublin that stores its fleet of coaches in a secure warehouse in the city centre. This ensures that the kilometres covered each day by our vehicles from the tour starting points to finishing in the evening are at an absolute minimum. Compared to other operators this equates to a minimum saving of 20 kilometres per day per coach. Operating on a 361 days per year that’s a saving of 7,220 kilometres per year per coach. There is a much higher rental premium to be paid for this storage but in keeping with our statement, its is a price worth paying.

Minimise toxic emissions into the atmosphere through the adherence to the coaches manufacture maintenance warranties on our fleet of coaches.
Minimise the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities through the use of fully synthetic oils and the cleanest of high grade diesel available to the transport industry.

Wild Rover Tours contracts only appropriately regulated and legislation compliant waste contractors. We actively promote recycling both internally and among our customers when on tour. Our guides collect the waste generated by passengers on tour and do their utmost to pre-separate into recyclables before returning to the warehouse.

Review and Continued Improvement
Monitor our company’s performance in adherence to our statement and always strive to better improve with continued compliance with environmental legislation.